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As Harper struggles with post traumatic suicidal ideation, meaningful words from her loved ones are heard in the space around her.

Angelina Ross

Voices By:

Sarika Mande 

Dalton Nguyen 

Isabelle Chow

Concept by: May-Lynn Le, Berin Çubukçuoğlu

Written by: May-Lynn Le, Berin Çubukçuoğlu, Isabelle Chow
Directed by: May-Lynn Le 
Produced by: May-Lynn Le, Berin Çubukçuoğlu, Isabelle Chow
Cinematography by: May-Lynn Le

1st AC: Berin Çubukçuoğlu
Edited by: May-Lynn Le, Isabelle Chow, Berin Çubukçuo

A Short Film Inspired By 8 photos 

Setting: Sun Kissed by Tristan Lucas

Relationship: Bubble Carnival by Carol Xie 

Character: Fear by Ena Chen 

Unknown: Tungsten by Miles Huntley Fenner 

Mood: The Haze by Atash Nowroozian

Time: Lido Theater by Clarissa Contreras

Goal: Music by Flora Feng

Obstacle: Drowning by Alan Wong

Special Thanks to: 

Hali Kessler 

Louise Souza 

Leeza Duong 

Michael Le 

The Çubukçuoğlu Family 

The Chow Family 

The Ross Family 

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