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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

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Enough is enough

A documentation of University High School's walkout on March 14, 2018

Official Selection: Orange County Film Festival 2019

-Best Spot Feature


Cathy Sun 

Teagan So

Raina Zhao

Krishan Patel

Kai Soto-Dessen

Cassidy Haeri

Douglas Sun

Directed by: May-Lynn Le, Vasiliy Bondarchuk

Produced by: May-Lynn Le

Cinematography by: May-Lynn Le, Vasiliy Bondarchuk, David Serrano

Edited by: Vasiliy Bondarchuk

Audio: Alana Bliss 


Additional Crew:

Setareh Emadi 

Srija Jami 

Amrut Ayyala 


Special Thanks to

Hali Kessler

The Univision Crew

University High School

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