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An exploration on the distorted thoughts that run through a girl's mind

Official Winner: Orange County Film Festival 2019

-Best Independent 

Official Winner: TVT Southern California High School Film Festival 2019

-1st Place Overall Film

-Best Cinematography

Official Selection: Orange County Film Festival 2019

-Best Cinematography 

-Best Editing

Official Finalist: All American High School Film Festival 2019

-Best Experimental 

-Best Editing

Official Selection: National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2019

-Best Experimental

Official Selection: South Bay Student Video Festival 2019

-Best Personal Essay

Official Selection: Philadelphia Youth Film Festival 2019

-Best Experimental

Shaden Ahadi

People in Masks:

Rylee Pollisco

Abdullah Elghayati

Mircea Bumbesti

Jae Shin

Matthew Loke

Sanghi Samula

Michelle Te

Ken Yahampath

Sunny Naka

Bhumika Sharma

Samuel Dishon

Troy Kagawa

Elias Fang

Winston Fan

Written by: May-Lynn Le
Directed by: May-Lynn Le 
Produced by: May-Lynn Le, Kelly Chong, Annika Thiim
Cinematography by: May-Lynn Le
Edited by: May-Lynn Le

Assistant Editor: Kelly Chong 

Script Editor: Teagan So

Drone Operator: Ryan Redjaian


Additional Crew:

Kareem Farran

Shannon Fan

Srija Jami

Alana Bliss

Fatima Diab

Winston Fan


Special Thanks to

Hali Kessler

Dana Kramer

Leeza Duong

Teagan So

Elias Fang

Isabelle Chow

Anahita Amirshahi

The Thiim Family 

The Chong Family

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