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Last Chance

Last Chance

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Last Chance

A hyper-competitive girl plays the high school game senior assassins to live up to her mom's expectations and beat her long time rival


Sarika Mande 
Dalton Nguyen 
Shaden Ahadi 
Neiman Araque 
Keza Kananura
Rose Koo
Hiromi Nishida


Written by: May-Lynn Le 
Directed by: May-Lynn Le 
Produced by: Katie Wagner, May-Lynn Le
Cinematography by: May-Lynn Le, Srija Jami 
Audio: Alana Bliss 
Edited by: May-Lynn Le, Isabelle Chow 


Special Thanks to: 
Hali Kessler 
Leeza Duong 
Michael Le
Bethany Huang
Anton Duong
Sheila Annett 
Anahita Amirshahi
Anisha Patil 
James Garcia
Michelle Fox 
Dana Kramer 
Kevin Astor 
Matthew Pate 
Barbara Smith
The Mande Family 
The Nguyen Family 
The Bliss Family 
The Jami Family 
The Wagner Family 
FilmEd* Academy of the Arts

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