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Lights Out

Lights Out

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Lights out

A girl disappears during a sleepover and her friends travel to a parallel universe that emulates their greatest fears


Lucy Chen 

Rishan Ephrem

Angelina Ross

Arantza Liceaga

Alicia Hans

Christine An

Anushka Bhatnagar 

UHS Dance Company (2017-2018)

Directed by: May-Lynn Le, Kareem Farran 

Concept by: May-Lynn Le, Alisa Huang, Rishan Ephrem, Angelina Ross

Produced by: May-Lynn Le, Kareem Farran, Angelina Ross, Rishan Ephrem

Cinematography by: May-Lynn Le, Kareem Farran

Edited by: May-Lynn Le 

Sound Design by: May-Lynn Le

Special Thanks to: 

UHS Dance Company (2017-2018)

The Chen Family 

Hali Kessler

Edward Johnson


Song: Sucker for Pain by Imagine Dragons, Whiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Logic, and Ty Dollars $ign

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