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Little Italy

A father and a daughter repair their relationship as they prepare to move from one state to another.


Noelle Cope 
Matthew Rhodes
Nell Teare


Written and Directed by: Bethany Huang
Produced by: May-Lynn Le, Bethany Huang
Cinematography by: Anahita Amirshahi, Alex Novakovic
Edited by: Bethany Huang
Audio: May-Lynn Le


Special Thanks to: 
Hali Kessler 
Nell Teare
Reaghan Gittin
Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto
Molly Perez 
Kairui Zhou 
Sally Cram 
Layann Basileh 
Matt Chong 
Ava Welsh
Leane Cung
Jackie Loh
Jisun Reiner
Lakshmi Kannan
Aneesah Akbar
Catalina Fernande


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