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Lattice for Mission Autonomy: An Unfair Advantage for Unrivaled Deterrence

The security and prosperity of the United States and our allies depends on the deterrence of war. But we are losing our ability to deter great power conflict. We still rely upon small numbers of large, exquisite, heavily manned aircraft, ships, and other platforms to project military power. But our adversaries are building a vast arsenal of advanced weapons to find, target, and destroy our traditional forces.


We cannot, and we will not, succeed without fundamental changes. We must be able to generate significant increases in our military power without significant increases in money and personnel. Put simply, our goal must be affordable mass—the ability to produce, operate, and sustain massive amounts of lower-cost, more intelligent, more attritable military systems. This is all about autonomy, and that will be delivered, more than anything else, by software.


Lattice for Mission Autonomy provides a paradigm shift in how we conduct military operations, enabling the military to regain affordable mass with teams of low-cost autonomous systems under the command of a single human operator, increasing speed and accuracy by processing and analyzing data far faster and accurately than humans, and most importantly, saving lives by reducing risk to human operators in dangerous, highly-contested environments.


Lattice for Mission Autonomy allows humans to employ autonomous systems in a way they never have before, extending reach, capabilities and situational awareness while enabling warfighters to make better decisions, faster. If it’s a fight—make it an unfair fight.

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