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Movie Hopping

Two friends running late for a double date travel through different genres of classic films with the help of movie magic to make it on time for the opening credits.

Created as apart of the 2022 Coca-Cola Refreshing Films Competition.

-Show in Landmark Theaters (Canada 2022)

Featuring: Marr Aragon, Kareem Farran, Kira Goldberg, Loren Maxine, Sade Spence, Sophie Kelly, Arasha Lalani, Jessica Kishner-Morgan, Matt Gannon, Vanessa Hernandez, and Dahlia Abuyounes

Director: May-Lynn Le

Producer: Kaylen Ng

1st AD: Brooke Burns

2nd AD: Stephanie Fentzke

DP: Emu Haynes

1st AC: Alex Witt

2nd AC: Erika Yerger

Script Supervisor and Editor: Shannon Fan

G&E: Nathan Kadota, Larissa Salazar, Zohar Varadi, Ali Flynn, Karthik Davuluri

Sound: Joseph Campos

Production Design: Libby Chun & Katelyn Snook

Art Director: Alana Bliss

Set Design: Nikki Spina

Hair & Make Up: Madigan Hunt & Olivia Schultz & Kira Goldberg Costumes: Bethany Huang

Composer: Victoria Nguyen

VFX: Kris Krager & Evan Bruece

Color: Company 3


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