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My Victoria

A mother recounts the story of her daughter’s killing - her life, her goals, and the activism that emerged from the trying journey of finding who killed her.

Featuring: Eva Barrios and Valerie Barrios

Director: May-Lynn Le

Producers: Alanna Buda, Leanna Colanino, Juliette Huy

Writers: Alanna Buda, Alesia Orta

DP: May-Lynn Le

Editor: Shannon Fan

Production Sound Mixer: Juliette Huy

Interviewer: Alanna Buda

Interview Transcriber: Leanna Colanino

Gaffer: Juliette Huy

Translator: Leanna Colanino

Subtitles: May-Lynn Le, Alesia Orta

Sound Designer: May-Lynn Le

Music Provided by Universal Production Music

Special Thanks to:

The Barrios Family

Elisha Miranda-Ramirez

Dr. Ruben Espinoza

Michael Wilkens

The Class of Unsung Stories and New Expressions Fall'22

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