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Write off the Page

When the author of a fantasy novel experiences writer's block, the protagonist of her book comes to life in an attempt to help finish the novel but realizes she doesn’t want to be the main character anymore. 

Erica Batres

Cynthia Navarro

Written by: May-Lynn Le
Directed by: May-Lynn Le 
Produced by: May-Lynn Le
Cinematography by: May-Lynn Le
Edited by: Eve Gershon

Production Designer: Katelyn Snook

Costume Design by: Stephanie Parajon

Composer: Sophie Kelly

Audio Mixer and Boom Operator: Alana Bliss

1st Assistant Camera: Amir Maghami

2nd Assitant Camera: Nidhi Kumar

Crafty: Manny Torres III

Credits Song by: O-Sky Lochmandy

Based on a Play by Stephanie Parajon

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